Saturday, June 13, 2009


Archetypal Sailor Dress

Hello saaaail-or!

I have quite the affinity for nautical and navy themed...well, anything. Others, apparently, have picked up on this. Two friends happened to do drawings of me (one is here) in cutesy little sailor dresses, and I figure who am I to dispute my archetypal image? I had a few issues with this dress. I had to use Fray-Block because I left my serger power cord in a storage unit a few thousand miles away. Fray Block is awful. It's itchy and stiff and just...unpleasant all around. I've used Fray Check on zippers and such before, and that seems to dry a little softer. But it does have that weird baby powder smell and costs twice as much for half the amount...but anyway! Back to the dress.

I had to wing the sailor collar based off of a dress my mother wore as an infant. That is a bit embarrassing to admit. The skirt is flared, using the spread and slash method of pattern drafting.

I used twill tape for the white section along the bottom. Did you know twill tape is used to wrap the handlebars of road bicycles? Neither did I, until I looked up "what is twill tape used for" a few seconds ago.

The circular closure on the ribbon belt is made out of FIMO clay. I made it myself. How impressive, I can whip up a mishapen circle out of clay and stick a line in the back!

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  1. beautiful! even though the belt was easy for you, its still really cool that you made it yourself.