Saturday, June 13, 2009

Insert your own hound or tooth-themed pun here

Houndstooth Mini-Dress

Where are the Go-Go boots when you need them?

I've been after large-sized black and white houndstooth for at least a year. I never thought I'd find three yards of it for less than 3 dollars at Wal-Mart. The craft section is being phased out, and everything is discounted, including this knit version of one of my favorite prints.

Although I fantasized about having large print houndstooth for ages, I never had a concrete plan in mind for what I'd do with it. I was between a mini-dress and a cape. I figured a mini-dress would be easier on the eyes instead of an all-out Houndstooth Assult. I decided to build up the neck and keep the rest of the dress simple. The dress as a whole is pretty plain, but it leaves room for accessorizing and all that nonsense. I'm satisfied with the look of the neck and upper portion, but I would have preferred a slightly fuller bottom hem. Ah, well. I still have a giant chunk of the fabric left. Maybe next time?